What Time of Year Is Best for a Winery Wedding in Kansas?

No matter what time of year you choose to get married, wineries make unforgettable wedding venues with their rustic settings, beautiful scenery and delicious wines.

So, what time of year is best for a winery wedding in Kansas? The atmosphere, temperatures and colors change drastically from season to season, allowing you to choose the backdrop for your ceremony. Let’s go over what you can expect with each season at a winery so you can begin planning for your big day.

Spring Winery Weddings in Kansas

Emerging from the winter weather, spring is such a welcoming time to choose for your big day. Depending on the month, the winery may greet you with green, lush grass and the season’s best winery wedding in vineyardflowers. If the weather is temperate, the growth of the vines and their budding flowers are nothing short of amazing this time of year.

With spring comes flowers, but also a chance of showers. Be sure to ask if an indoor area or tent is available that can be set up ahead of time.

Spring can be a gamble on weather, but if it does rain on your special day, we hear that’s good luck!

Summer Winery Weddings in Kansas

The summertime is a wonderful (and popular!) season for outdoor weddings at a winery. As spring gradually turns into summer, the vines at the winery flower and provide abundant clusters of grapes. In August, red grapes may even begin to change color from green to purple, meaning that the harvest is nigh.

Keep in mind that late summer usually means harvest time for a fully functional winery. If you book your wedding during the time of a harvest, be aware that there may be grape picking happening in the background. Wineries generally have a small time frame in which to harvest, so be sure to ask the venue contact if they’d wait to harvest until after the ceremony was over or if they’d proceed.

Autumn Winery Weddings in Kansas

Autumn is the most popular time to have a winery wedding in Kansas. Keep in mind that because this season is in high demand for many types of events, the earlier you schedule, the better.

The weather in late September through November is generally stable (or as stable as weather gets in Kansas!) The harvest will just have been completed and the landscape will create a comforting rustic feel. The leaves will begin changing from green to deep yellows, reds and oranges, and the vines will start to turn brown.

Winemaking may be taking place indoors during this time of year. You and your guests might get to see the crushing process, the fermentation process or the aging process in the barrels—creating a fun atmosphere. Be sure to ask the venue contact what they have planned for the days surrounding your requested date.

What About Winter?

Holding a winter winery wedding in Kansas can prove challenging due to the unpredictability of the weather. It may be crisp but sunny one day and snowy or icy the next! Following the first frost, the grapevines will begin to lose their leaves and enter their winter dormancy period.

If you do brave the outdoors in the milder winter weeks, the sky in the wintertime can be perfect for wedding photographs. Winter provides a gray, foggy, yet luminous light that can’t be recreated during any other season.

Wineries will always create a memorable experience on your big day, no matter which season you choose. Now that you know what events transpire during each time of the year, you can begin to plan your wedding accordingly.

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