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Have sex and be active

Scientists have long explored the relationship between sex life and memorization. It turns out that this connection is quite strong in people 25-45 years old. Scientifically, this can be explained as follows: sex promotes the production of neurons in the hippocampus – the part of the brain that is responsible for long-term memory.

Other studies have shown that frequent sex negatively affects brain function. Therefore, it is important not how much sex you have in your life, and what pleasure you get from it. Regular intimate relationships with a loved one contribute to the production of dopamine and serotonin – the so-called hormones of happiness. Thus, high-quality sex improves mood and increases brain activity.

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Recently I started having back pains which I associate with my age, but because of it, I had to give up Viagra, because after its reception the pain becomes more intense. Now I found free Cialis tablets, and so far I have no such painful sensations, and the effect of the medicine is the same as Viagra.

According to statistics, every second man, aged 45 years or older, suffer from problems related to sexual activity. Incorrect nutrition, bad habits, regular stress and lousy ecology, are the leading causes of erectile dysfunction as EDMeans wrote. Difficulties with erection affect not only the relationship with women but also the psychological state of men.

This effect has sports activities and an active lifestyle. If your job involves mostly sitting in the office – make time for exercise in the evening and on weekends. It turns out that they are useful not only for muscles but also for the brain.

Don’t stop learning

When the same thing happens every day, the brain does not create new impressions. To create a new experience yourself: put yourself in an unusual situation, add a little stress. People call it “get out of your comfort zone.” Start with small things: go to work the other way, meet a colleague from another department, with whom you constantly meet in the kitchen, but never communicated.

The most useful and effective way is to learn new things. Learn languages, read books, go to courses – you can go to those that are associated with your profession, and it is better to take a chance and enroll in a creative circle or club for interests.

Train your memory regularly

To pump up your hands, you need to carry a barbell and dumbbells regularly. It’s the same thing with memory.

It is a useful habit to memorize one poem a week. If you have children – learn with them together. And if not – get acquainted with the work of your favorite poet. Remember the learned poem on the way to work. It is important to use imagination. Draw images in your head, tie them to something from your life – build associations. After a month, you will be surprised at how much better and easier to remember.

Life with good memory is beautiful. You will forget about the constant search for keys and phone, the wife will be happy that you remember the date of the wedding, and at work, you will have no equal. And it is only necessary to make small steps every day, and now you know which ones. Forward!