What Time of Year Is Best for a Winery Wedding in Kansas?

No matter what time of year you choose to get married, wineries make unforgettable wedding venues with their rustic settings, beautiful scenery and delicious wines.

So, what time of year is best for a winery wedding in Kansas? The atmosphere, temperatures and colors change drastically from season to season, allowing you to choose the backdrop for your ceremony. Let’s go over what you can expect with each season at a winery so you can begin planning for your big day.

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How to Choose a Wine

Wheat State Wine SelectionWhen you’ve been invited to a dinner, a party, or you’re desperately hoping to impress your SO’s family when meeting them for the first time, bringing a bottle of wine is a classic gesture.

But how to choose the right wine? Red or white, dry or sweet, $5 or $50…the choices can be pretty mind-boggling if you’re new to wine buying.

Never fear. Here’s a handy guide for how to choose a wine, whether it’s for a host gift, serving at your next party, or enjoying at home with a good meal. Continue reading “How to Choose a Wine”

First Wine Tasting? Be Prepared With These Wine Tasting Tips for Beginners

winetasteAll your friends are doing it. Going to the winery, that is. Now they want you to come, too.

If you’re getting ready for your first wine tasting and you’re worried it’ll be this pretentious experience right off a rerun of Frasier, this is the article for you. These wine tasting basics will help you prepare for your winery visit, feel confident in the tasting room, and get the most out of your first wine tasting experience.

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Things are heating up in July

Greetings!  Summer is well under way and it’s been hot!  The grapevines handle the hear very well, so that doesn’t really affect them.  However, all the rain has been a nuisance.  Too much moisture can make the grapes taste more watered down, and not have as concentrated of flavors.  Also, with a wet summer there is a much greater risk for for fungal diseases and rot.

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Kansas Sampler Festival


Wheat State Wine Co. will be pouring our local wine at the Beer, Wine, and Spirits tent at the Kansas Sampler Festival. The Kansas Sampler will be held in Winfield, KS on May 7, from 10a-5p, and May 8, from 10a-4p.  We will be offering samples of our white wines, red wines, blush, and dessert wine.

Be one of the first 400 into the Beer, Wine, and Spirits tent to receive a custom logo Wheat State Wine Co./Kansas Sampler Festival wine glass!

The Sampler Festival is a great event, and features the best of everything Kansas, all in one place!  2016-17 are the last two years for this great festival.  The Festival began in 1991 on the Penner Family farm near Inman, KS.  Since 1998 the Festival has been a traveling event, and hosted in different towns across Kansas on a 2 year basis. For more on the Kansas Sampler Festival, check out their Facebook Page.

Mid-April Update

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Introducing Redbud rosé

We are exited and proud to introduce our new wine, Redbut Rosé.

Come and join us for a taste on JUNE 20th when we are presenting our new wine to the public during the final concert of Artfully Folded Paper.

Doors open at 7:00 pm, Concert Starts at 8:00 pm

Tickets are $ 15 per car load.